Happy International Cat Day!

Greetings from my Father’s house in sunny Greece. I am sitting here on the ‘haïtai’ (Greek for big balcony) typing away, surrounded by my Dad’s many adopted cats, which feels very apt since I have been made aware that today is International Cat Day 🐾 . So I thought the best way to celebrate this VERY important event would be to introduce you to some of my Greek feline friends…

Just a few of the cats my father has adopted 🐱

Anyone who has been to Greece will know there are a lot of feral cats. When my parents moved here my Greek Grandmother warned ‘Don’t feed the cats! Or they will never leave!’ But how you could you possibly ignore that advice? Especially if you are a softy like my Mother, and the son of a vet and all round animal lover like my Father.

It all started with the sweetest little cat whom we named Penelope. She was a tiny tabby who was incredibly sweet natured and affectionate. Her first litter consisted of 2 beautiful cats, a totally black boy called Batty and a stylish Beige one we named Armani. They became greatly loved house cats. Penelope was still quite wild and would disappear off for long periods of time, and one day she came returned with a tiny grey kitten who was very smelly. We think they had been living with a goat in the neighbour’s garden, so the grey kitten rather unfortunately acquired the name Pongy.


I will skip out the soap opera (quite literally) of the next 20 years of cats that have inhabited our house. Now we have around 25 cats that are being fed and cared for. The situation is a quite out of control, but every time my father neuters 3, 3 more appear! I have looked into taking them back to the UK to get them adopted but it’s really expensive and quite arduous for the cat too.

Of course they all have different personalities…

Pierre, who likes to jump into any box or bag as soon as it appears
Alice is the top cat, she was given to us to adpot by a friend and settled in from day one
Einstein was SO clever and earnt his name by figuring out how to open the fly screens and let all the cats in
Tigger, sitting in comfort
We are all in love with Archie, my father accidentally ran him over when he was tiny and it was touch and go if he would make it. He pulled through with just a paralysed tail and is stupidly affectionate, always looking for the nearest lap to jump into
Yet more kittens

I better go now to feed the cats,

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