Bespoke Mural FAQ's

If you are unsure on any of the information below, or have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email us at or contact the studio on 0207 226 7055

Measure the full height and width of the wall exclude the skirting boards and/or coving. If you have a sloped ceiling or wall, ignore any slopes and measure the longest and widest part of the wall.

To ensure accuracy measure your wall carefully in different places and note the dimensions. Few walls are truly square or perfectly vertical, you may find that you get slightly different measurements when checking the height or the width of your wall, just select the larger of the measurements.

There is no need to add any extra allowance for minor inaccuracies, we will automatically add approx. 1-2% to both the height and width of your mural to allow for this.

Choose from our mural designs, and click the ‘design my wall’ button. Simply enter your measurements into the width and height boxes, then choose the finish you wish to print your mural on. We offer 4 finishes, Fibrous, Mica Fibrous, Matt and Durable Fabric Effect. More information on these finishes are found below. You can then use the dotted outline to select the area of the mural you wish to print. Decreasing the print area will increase the scale of the design, and enlarging the print area will decrease the scale.

Once you are happy that the measurements are correct, and you have chosen your finish and print area, simply click ‘add to bag’ and the bespoke mural will appear in your basket.

To ensure you have the perfect mural for your home, we offer a selection of 4 paper finishes, each offering a key feature or benefit. Whether you’re looking for a finish to help mask wall imperfections or to add a touch of luxury, we have carefully selected a paper finish for all decor styles and wall types.

Fibrous – The natural paper fibres on this finish create a subtly textured look. Beautiful in quality yet affordable, this paste the wall paper is recommended for lower traffic areas within the home.

Mica Fibrous – Offering a premium look and finish, the mica fibrous paper is perfect to add luxury. Subtly textured with an all over lustre that shimmers beautifully when the light catches it. Luxurious yet still easy to hang, this gorgeous paper uses our paste the wall technique.

Matt – Beautifully smooth with a hint of texture, this durable paper will give a premium look and finish whilst still being easy to apply using the paste the wall technique. Gorgeously smooth, this heavyweight, coated paper is high quality and hard wearing – perfect for high traffic areas within the home.

Durable Fabric Effect – Beautifully smooth with a hint of texture, this durable paper will give a premium look and finish whilst still being easy to apply using the paste the wall technique. Gorgeously smooth this heavyweight, coated paper is high quality and hard waring – perfect for high traffic areas within the home.

If you are considering hanging one of our murals in a bathroom or kitchen, please ensure that the room is well ventilated, avoid direct contact with water and consider either of the Matt or Durable Fabric Effect  finishes for extra protection.

Of course! We offer sample packs for each of our designs, which includes samples of each of the 4 finishes. These are available to order for £5, we highly recommend ordering a sample pack before placing your bespoke mural order.

Please note, due to the large scale of the murals, it is difficult to show all the colours in one sample. For that reason we have selected one area which we feel best represents the overall colours. Therefore, if you order multiple sample packs you will not receive different areas of the mural.

The price of our murals is calculated per square metre. Our bespoke mural tool will calculate your price based on the size of your mural and the finish you have chosen. The prices of each finish are listed below:

Fibrous – £42/m2

Durable Fabric Effect – £47/m2

Matt – £47/m2

Mica Fibrous – £49m/2

Due to the bespoke nature of these murals, WE ARE NOT ABLE TO ACCEPT RETURNS ON THESE PRODUCTS. It is vital that you check your measurements before finalising your order, or seek the advice of a decorator if you are unsure. If you still have any queries or doubts, please contact the studio at or on 0207 226 7055 and we would be happy to assist you.

All orders over £100 are eligible for free UK delivery, orders under £100 will be charged the standard rate of £6.95.

After ordering your bespoke mural, please allow 5-7 working days for your design to be printed to your bespoke size, packed and delivered to you. Occasionally, when demand is very high this time frame may be extended, but we will always update you of any delays . For this reason, please ensure that you have received your mural and inspected it before booking a decorator.

Your mural will be printed to order and will arrive in strips that are 50cm wide, it will look very similar to a roll (or multiple rolls) of wallpaper.

Your mural comes in just one roll, carefully unwrap and cut off the instructions from the end of the roll.

You will need:

– Wall Filler

– Stanley Knife

– Scissors

– Wallpaper Paste

– Plumb Line

– Scraper

– Tape Measure

– Sand Paper

– Brush

– Smoother

1. Prepare your walls by filling and sanding any imperfections, before cleaning the wall with detergent or sugar soap.

2. Measure 48cm out from your starting point and use a plumb line to draw a vertical line. This gives you a straight edge to line the right hand edge of your first panel.

3. Mix paste according to manufacturers instructions then apply your paste the wall paste on the first section of your wall. As your mural comes in sections, we recommend cutting each piece as you go. This way you won’t get the panels mixed up!

4. Hang your first drop with the right hand edge aligned to your plumb line working from left to right. Once you are happy with the positioning of the panel, smooth down and trim the excess.

5. Continue to cut and paste each section as you go, following the steps above. And voila! Just like that your bespoke mural will transform your space into a botanical oasis.

We do! If you are still interested in our previous offering of fixed size mural designs, please contact the studio on or 0207 226 7055 and we would be happy to assist you.