Tile  collaboration with Ca’ Pietra

Clarissa has worked together with Ca’ Pietra  to create a  stunning collection of tiles, featuring her signature botanical silhouettes and ombre palette. The guiding idea behind the collection was to create something that mimics the random beauty of nature and to create a range of patterns that could be mixed up in an organic way. 

Each tile is an evocative portrait of an exotic palm, rare fern, elegant willow  or summer wildflower, and together they are designed to bring the wild beauty of nature into a kitchen, bathroom, hallway, or even steam room. Choose from an array of colours to suit your scheme, and pick a pattern that makes your heart sing. 


Jungle Magic

Follow Clarissa to the cloud forests of Costa Rica! These Jungle hexagon porcelain tiles, were inspired by the sumptous rare ferns and  leaves that Clarissa discovered on her first trip to a rainforest.

Whilst designing this range we approached the tiles from quite an unusual angle as we decided to not make a pattern repeat, but to create beautiful botanical prints that could be mixed up in an organic way –  echoing the random beauty in nature.

Wild botanical tiles

Each of the nine tiles in this range features the silhouette of a different British wildflower or meadowgrass against a soft watercolour wash. The nine plant portraits come in midnight blue, sage green and blush pink. 

Willow Pattern Tiles

Featuring a spray of elegant willow leaves, Clarissa painted the inky background of these tiles using watercolours for a textured colour finish. They’re suitable for walls or floors, and will look gorgeous in a hallway, bathroom or kitchen. Choose from teal, sage green and midnight blue.