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Tania's Garden Mural in Peacock

I have been receiving a lot of enquiries about my murals recently, people are understandably a bit confused about how they actually work, and the difference with wallpaper.

I realised I didn’t know much about the history of the mural, and a quick google revealed what an immense and fascinating subject it is.

Murals – or wall paintings, are one of the oldest forms of visual art known to humans. More than 30,000 years ago, humans painted images on the walls of caves and other natural surfaces and have continued to do so ever since.

It got me thinking that wanting to decorate the spaces we inhabit must be part of our DNA, and maybe why we need to connect so deeply with how we decorate our homes. A topic for a future blog post perhaps?

This is a brand new Serendipity mural (not available until October I’m afraid!) that I have used in our bedroom in the new house.

So what’s the difference between wallpaper and murals?

Wallpaper is a continuous pattern that repeats with each drop that comes off the roll, whereas a mural is essentially one big picture often in a large scale.

A well chosen mural can dramatically transform a room in one step.

Enchanted Vale Midnight

Our murals are a fixed size – all 250cm in height and either 200cm or 400cm wide depending on the design. They are still printed on rolls that are 52cm wide to make them more manageable to put up, and you simply paste them to the wall one after the other as you would with wallpaper (diagram below) As they are fixed sizes, there may be some wastage – but there are plenty of creative solutions of how to use the spare pieces, like lining your drawers, or if you’re feeling mad like me, wallpapering your wardrobe doors! 😮

Serendipity – available in 3 colours, this Rainbow one is our best seller! £370 for a 400 x 250cm panel.

Serendipity Rainbow
Serendipity Greenhouse
Serendipity Clay

Tania’s Garden – an abundant tangle of cardoons, teasels, dill seed heads and verbena available in 4 magical colourways. £370 for a 400 x 250cm panel.

Tania's garden Dusk
Tania's Garden Pebble
Tania's Garden Sunset

Enchanted Vale – Intricate layers of leaves and vines tumbling down across a luminous ombre sky. £185 for a 200 x 250cm panel.

Enchanted Vale Emerald
Enchanted Vale Charcoal

Willowherb – Available in 3 colourways, an exquisite portrait of wildflowers in full bloom. £185 for a 200 x 250cm panel.

Willowherb Winter
Willowherb Spring
Willowherb Autumn

As always please feel free to email us at if you have any more questions about murals and we would be happy to help!

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