Tania’s Garden Fixed Size Mural – Pebble

The stunning Tania’s Garden mural evokes a wildflower meadow bathed in moonlight. The design was inspired by one of Clarissa’s favourite haunts – a magical garden belonging to her friend and renowned garden designer Tania Compton. The abundant tangle of cardoons, teasels, dill seed heads and verbena captures the essence of wild and natural beauty.

This large-scale wallpaper panel is digitally printed and forms a complete panel, 400cm x 250cm high. Can be joined together in multiples and trimmed in height if required. Available in four enchanting colourways.


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Delivery information

  • Unfortunately we do not yet have samples available for all of our murals, but it is something we are working on.
  • Wallpaper may have to be ordered in. Please allow 5-7 working days for delivery.
  • FREE delivery when you spend over £100

Product Information

  • Your mural comes on one 52cm wide roll, in a series of drops which you match together just like wallpaper. Clear instructions will come attached to the roll.

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