Bespoke Murals are here…

At long last I am able to unveil something really exciting that has literally taken us months behind the scenes to develop…

You can now order a bepoke sized mural from our website that will fit your wall perfectly!

I used the bespoke tool when designing my bedroom as my walls are 4.5m high.

You can even change the scale of the design and chose a portion of the artwork that you like best! This also means they can be made much bigger than the fixed size murals and can go up to 5m in height… great for high ceilings and stairwells.

This little video below shows you how it works… click here to have a play

Murals are a brilliant way of making a statement in a room with minimal effort, and are exactly the same to hang as wallpaper, so please don’t feel intimidated! They come on a 52cm wide roll, and you join each drop as you would with wallpaper…to create a fabulous big pattern.

The other exciting news is that we are now offering the bespoke murals on 4 different papers; matt, fabric effect, mica fibrous and fibrous. Sample packs of the 4 paper types can be ordered for each mural on the website and cost £5 per pack.

Some things to note… you will be changing the scale of the design as you zoom in and out. And secondly as these are made to order you can’t return them.

For more information on the paper types, how to measure your wall, and the ordering process you can find our bespoke mural guide here… or you can drop me an email by pressing reply.

Feel free to have a play around and see how the tool works!

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