My visit to Collect International Craft Fair

Collect Open is the highlight of my year! My love of crafts began when I first started my business over 25 years ago and I took a studio space at Cockpit Workshops alongside many other creatives.

I was nestled in with ceramicists, jewellers, milliners, weavers, musical instrument makers… to name just a few. It was pure pleasure watching everyone work, understanding the trials and tribulations of each makers craft and best of all managing to collect a few pieces that I still cherish to this day.

I am still so passionate about craft, and am sorry it is still the unsung hero of the art world. The skill and dedication of these makers at the top of their game immediately exudes from their work. So here are just a few that caught my eye from hundreds of incredible pieces.

Margot Selby’s complete show stopper ‘Moon landing’

Maria Setas... crochet coral. Stunning colours which felt as good as it looked
Jo Walker ceramics... So proud to own two beautiful jugs from her
Susan O'Byrne, 'Goat' - porcelain
Faye hall - great colours and interesting mix of materials
Sorry I didn't jot down who made these adorable cattos!
Another picture of Zuleika's amazing work

Tim Rawlinson ‘Echoes of light’ – I watched the colours change as I walked around this beautiful piece

Kye-Yeon Son – metal ‘innate beauty’
Another of Ikuko Iwamoto's work – Ghosts form the sea
Junsu Kim- won Loewe foundation craft prize. This piece is made from spaghetti thin coiled leather glued together (HOW did he not let a scrap of glue show?!)
Frances Priest, 'Unfiltered' - slab built clay
Vicky Lindo & Bill Brookes ... I have been a superfan for years, of course the cat thing helps... They work as a partnership with Bill building the vessels and Vicky using a technique called sgraffito to decorate them
Christopher Turrell ceramics, the story of a visit to Derek Jarman’s house in Dungeness
Emily Jo Gibbs. I have known Emily for many years as we met doing London fashion week, she made evening bags and I was selling scarves. I have watched with admiration as her work has moved into quiet delicate embroideries

Kyra Cane dramatic ceramic vessels

Michelle Mckinney ‘Fade’- exquisite Ginko leaves made with woven brass & stainless steel

Zuleika Melluish, 'Thrown' - wire and porcelain, unbelieveable attention to detail
Simone Negri, 'Accadimento #170' - porcelain and ceramic

Kye-Yeon Son – metal ‘innate beauty’

Ikuko Iwamoto – Ghosts form the sea
Katie Spragg – curling grasses, blended stoneware
Jim Gladwin, '100 pieces of Clay' was very pleasing!
Alice Kettle – embroidered portrait. The V&A bought one of her pieces
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