Art for Ukraine

What a week it has been. It feels glib to talk about pretty prints when there are such awful events unfolding in the world. I can’t help but imagine if it was my family fleeing for our lives – how I would be leaving my house that we have spent years trying to build, and my business that I love and have poured a lifetime into. I know we all feel so helpless, watching from afar.

I had been planning on doing one of my ‘one-off prints sale’ for a while as I have accumulated quite a pile. These prints are part of the design process. We print new designs off to check that the colours and layouts work before making them into fabric or bedlinen. I like to screenprint a bit of metallic on top for good measure – so each one really is unique.

All the profits of all the prints will be donated to Save the Children for their appeal in the Ukraine. They are a part of the DEC committee pooling resources to help families displaced by the war.

ukraine 3

We have been busy screenprinting metallic seedheads over the last couple of days to get these prints ready. They come in a variety of sizes and are all free delivery.

ukraine 4

This is just a selection of the prints we made. I hope you will enjoy having them in your home for a long time to come and know we have made a small contribution to help the crisis.

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