Suffolk Reeds


I spent a few days over the half-term break staying with friends in Suffolk with my family. We were fortunate in having some beautifully clear weather and went on a long walk around Minsmere nature reserve where I was able to fiddle around with photography a little. I found the reeds really inspiring – they created fantastic patterns as the light passed through them and the stripes reflected perfectly on the still water. Finding these kinds of regularities in nature really appeal to my textile designer sense of pattern and while reeds have featured in my designs in the past, it’s interesting to gain a new perspective on their form at different times in the year.


There was an incredible sunset that afternoon, a low-hanging, late-winter sun creating a hazy golden glow, picking up the fluffy tops of the seed heads. 


I’ve found that the light in winter can be perfect for getting the silhouetted shots that are the creative source of so many of my designs.