New Giclée prints

The new range of botanical art prints feature grasses, autumn leaves, reeds and umbellifer seed heads. Printed onto high quality archival paper using the digital giclée technique, each design has been finished with a hand-printed layer of subtle metallic pigment to catch the light. If your interior style features lots of botanical fabric and printed cushions, these prints are the ideal way to bring another piece of nature into your home.

Falling Leaves is inspired by leaves from a variety of trees, including the maple and tulip tree, small ferns and more. Clarissa used photographs taken on her walk to the studio through the streets and parks of North London to create the pretty leaf print.

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This sun-drenched image of panicum virgatum ‘warrier’ or switch grass was taken by Clarissa in Kew Gardens, London. The bushy green foliage is topped by feathery purple flowers in summer. The silhouette is recreated on this indigo Switch Grasses print with a soft gold overlay. 

This giclée print, Water Reeds, is based on the silhouette of the rushes taken at some marshland in Suffolk. The bushy tops caught the low winter sun, making them shine glorious gold and bronze.


We also have a cherry ombre Goose-Grass print, based on the whimsical stems of that sticky childhood favourite.  Shop all of the giclée prints here. 

The Ammi print features layer upon layer of a majestic umbellifer that Clarissa originally photographed in Greece, over twenty years ago. The stem of the seed head was over 5 ft tall!