Chateau Dumas
Chateau Dumas
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Screen-Printing Workshop in France – full week – August 8th to 15th

On this screen printing workshop with Selvedge magazine you have the chance to work closely with Clarissa and learn the essence of her design process during a week at Chateau Dumas in Auty, France.

You’ll begin by collecting and photographing plant material collected in and around the Chateau gardens. Clarissa’s work is based on her botanical finds in nature and she’ll explain her process and share what to look for when collecting plants.

Back in the studio you’ll develop your ideas and work up designs to transfer onto screens using stencils and photographic techniques. You’ll learn about creating a colour palette and mixing up the coloured pigments for printing.

Layered silhouetted designs in strong colours are a feature of Clarissa’s work and she’ll teach how to achieve this effect, as well as how to handle printing with metallic pigments. You’ll choose from a selection of coloured backgrounds in linen or silk depending on whether your project is for homeware, clothing or an artpiece.

We break from the studio mid-week for a day of dyeing with woad, the original blue dye that was popular in Europe in medieval times. On Sunday morning we’ll visit the farmer’s market in the town of St Antonin-Noble-Val and on Wednesday evening we go to a lovely restaurant in the town of Puylaroque.

No previous experience is necessary to join this workshop.


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