Just Landed- Meadow Grass Bed Linen!


meadow grass bed




Meadow Grass

How gorgeous is the new Meadow Grass bed linen? Featuring three layers of grasses in rich turmeric and hot pink swaying on a dramatic charcoal ombré background, it really is a new favourite in the studio. 

The design derives from the three different grass species below. The stems were collected on a country walk and brought back to London to be photographed against a white wall in the studio. This makes it easy for the images to be transferred to computer software that can layer and manipulate each part until the design begins to take shape.

3 grasses

3 grasses close up 2

The design process involved experimenting with different mediums and techniques. Clarissa loves using watercolour paints to create ombré backdrops, giving the feel of silhouettes at sunset.


A spindly reeds design is featured both on the reverse of the duvet cover and traversing the housewife pillowcases, adding an extra dimension to the bed linen. Finish the look in your bedroom with a chunky charcoal knit throw and embroidered cotton cushion, and if you want to go all out, check out our new Meadow Grass wallpaper, part of the just-launched Callista collection!

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